Mount. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain can be seenhere in Fujinomiya-city.
This cabin house which is Japanese style saves waste inside.
Once you check-in here, it heals you from the fatigue of the road.

Cabin house YADO

11-18,Oomiya-chou,Fuzinomiya city
Shizuoka pref,Japan

Tel: +81544-23-4180
Fax: +81544-23-4189


Rooms for women only on 2ndfloor
Rooms for men only on 3rdfloor
You can enter your room with a magnet card key.

Six shower rooms is on the 2nd, 3rdand 6thfloor in each floor.

Storage box and baggage space in the facility.
Easy-check-in You can put your baggage in the locker.

―Comfortable Access―

  • 5min from Fujinomiyastation by walking
  • 10 min from ShinfujiInterchange by car
  • 15 min from Fuji Interchange by car

Good location for train and car use

―Stores Nearby―

Convenience store is 4min walking distance.
Pharmacy store is 1min walking distance.


  • ・wi-fi
  • ・Video On Demand for free (movies, drama, cartoons etc)
  • ・Humidifier and air cleaner is on the each floor.
  • ・There is a lounge area on the each floor (Free coffee served)
  • ・Vending machine (non-free)
  • ・Smoking area(smoking is prohibited in rooms)

―Amenity Goods―

(for each guest)
room wear/bath towel/face towel/toothbrush set/shaver/hairbrush/amenity goods for women
(in the shower room)
shampoo/conditioner/body soap/dryer

―The Others―

  • ・storage box
  • ・baggage space