Cabin House Yado Fujinomiya Branch– New style of compact hotel –

Cabin house Yado Fujinomiya branch has become a new style Compact hotel called "Cabin" pursuing hospitality and reasonable.

It is lower price than the business hotel. And it is characterized by the space beyond the capsule hotel and high quality comfort.

Accessibility is also good at leisure and business base around Mt. Fuji


There are so many sightseeing and leisure point around the World Heritage Mt. Fuji, Also good accessibility is perfect for business to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.


"Cabin" is a new style of the compact hotel, emphasizes comfort. It is not a narrow "capsule", but a wide and high-quality comfortable space, directs healing and relaxation.


Cabin house Yado Fujinomiya branch features are "casualness".
Please discard the feeling of hotel. We hope to stay here on a daily basis and casually.

Low Price

You can stay the cabin house as many times as low price than the business hotel.
The price is very attractive.
Please add a reasonable cabin hotel to your new lifestyle.