About use

Can I make a reservation even on the day?
Yes, depending on availability, reservations can be made via the Internet or by phone.
Is it possible to make a reservation with a corporate name?
Yes. It is possible.
We are also asking the name of those who will stay at the day.
Can I use a credit card?
Yes, you can. Credit cards you can use are VISA • Master.
Payment will be done in bulk only.
How much is the cancellation fee?
Regarding our homepage or direct reservation, we will charge 100% on the day prior to the accommodation day for the basic room charge, 20% the day before the staying day. 80% on the day and 100% for no / no arrival when we do not contact you.

About the room

Can I smoke?
We are sorry, but our guest rooms are non-smoking in all rooms.
However, since we have established a smoking booth on each floor, please do not hesitate to use it.

Guide concerning the provision of medicines

According to the provisions of Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we do not offer medicines in our hotel.

We are sorry to cause you something, but if you prepare in advance before visiting,
We are introducing hospitals / pharmacies around the hotel at the reception desk, so please contact us if you wish.
(It may not be possible to purchase depending on the time of day or the day of the week.)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.